Thursday, May 17, 2007

TAG Table of Contents - July 2006 issue

The latest published issue of The American Genealogist journal is dated July 2006 (Whole Number 323, Volume 81, No. 3) - published in January 2007.

The Table of Contents includes:

  • William1 Varney of Ipswich and Gloucester, Massachusetts - Kathleen Canney Barber and Janet Ireland Delorey - page 161
  • Of Gravestones and Ashpits - page 171
  • The London Origins of Richard1 Waters of Salem, Massachusetts: Revisited - William Wyman Fiske - page 172
  • The Devil and Betty Jackson - page 182
  • The Daniel3 and Mary (Cloyse) Waters Family of Topsfield, Massachusetts and Killingly, Connecticut - John Bradley Arthaud - page 183
  • A Tale of Two Regicides: Daniel Axtell and Cornelius Holland (and Their Son and Daughter, Who Helped Save the Carolinas) (continued) - Paul C. Reed - page 192
  • Slante! (Or the Medical virtues of Hog's Dung) - page 198
  • Hannah Parsons and Her Four Husbands: Early Mormon History and Apostasy - Alvy Ray Smith and Marsha Hoffman Rising - page 199
  • Hester (Ijams) Nicholson of Anne Arundel County, Maryland - Donna Valley Russell - page 220
  • The Maternal Ancestry of Phebe1 Bisby, Wife of New England Colonists Thomas1 Bracy of Ipswich and New Haven and Samuel1 Martin of New Haven - Leslie Mahler - page 224
  • The Agony of (Denominational) Divorce (Congregational vs. Unitarian) - page 237
  • John2 Cole and Family of Plymouth and Swansea, Massachusetts, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island: With Additional Corrections to Cole Literature (concluded) - Eugene Cole Zabriskie - page 238
  • Astrological Deniability - page 245
  • The English Burial and Estate Administration of Gilbert1 Winslow of Plymouth Colony - Neil D. Thompson - page 246
  • Editorial Notes and Observations - page 247
The articles above without authors listed are fillers - and are almost always humorous or quirky.

TAG is the periodical that I find adds the most "new material" to my own ancestral lines, since the articles are mainly about southern New England fmailies, especially Rhode Island and Plymouth Colony families. It is a are issue that goes by without something of value to my research.

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