Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Census Whacking Index

One of the problems with a blog format is that posts "age off" or disappear from the active blog page. They are still in the blog Archives, and can be found by using the Blog Search feature or the post labels. Unfortunately, I am using the "old Blogger" for this blog and have not been able to label every post, nor put the labels on my blog page (yet!).

I am going to start collecting my "theme" posts in summary posts so that I can find them easily, and put a unique label on those posts. Hopefully, you will enjoy these "blasts from the past" as well.

This is the first of my "theme" posts - it concerns the Census Whacks I've put together. Census Whacks are, in my terms, funny or strange names found in the census records. This was one of the things I started out with on this blog, thinking that the possibilities are endless.

Here are my Census Whacking posts to date:

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If Mary April Married Claude Fool...She Would be Mary April Fool!

Berry People in the Census

In addition, there are several posts with links to strange or funny names (real or fictional), including:

Who Is Edith Tintwhistle of Great Cockup?

More Curious, Strange and Humorous Names

What were their parents thinking?

Hallowe'en Names

More Odd Names in History

That took over an hour to put together...another waste of time? Oh well, it was FUN.


Joe said...

Dude! In new blogger you can post a list of all your categories (labels) over on the right side, along with the archives, links, etc. That way if someone was looking for all of the posts with a certain theme, they could just click on that category to see them.

Anonymous said...

While looking at my family name in the census I found a (potential) ancestor who the transcriber had said was born "In a tunnel, Montgomery"! I know Mid Wales is a rural area, but I didn't think we were that backwards! Anyway, I took a look at the actual census image and the "in a tunnel" was part of his occupation ("Boatman in a tunnel"), it had just run into the "Where born" bit!

Anonymous said...

6oNMyx The best blog you have!

Abba-Dad said...

I got here from your 'getting to know you post'. The best name I have found so far for one of my wife's ancestors is Elector.

Another time while surname searching and looking up ancestors of one of my poker buddies we came across this one: Gypsy Outlaw.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Hazen family: