Monday, June 4, 2007

25th Edition of Carnival of Genealogy is up

As most of you know, the Carnival of Genealogy is composed of blog posts concerning a specific genealogy topic. The latest Carnival is posted at (on Jasia's Creative Gene blog) - the topic is "Who Inherited the Creative Gene in your family?"

It looks like there are quite a few modest genea-bloggers with family members with the creative gene - none of the posts come right and say "it's ME!" Read Jasia's post, and click on the blog posts that make up the Carnival. I always find a new blog or two on the list, and sometimes find a new "favorite" writer.

My own Carnival submission is at

The next Carnival deadline is June 17th. The topic is (appropriately): Fathers... dads, step-dads, grandfathers, or Godfathers, or even someone you thought of as a father figure! To submit an entry to the Carnival, write a blog post on the topic, and submit it through this link. It's easy. And the genea-blogging world will know something about your father or father figure.

OK, now I need to think of something interesting about my father....hmmm.

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