Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Ready for the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree!

Are you going to the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree in Burbank next weekend (Friday 6/27 to Sunday 6/29)? The Jamboree will be in the Marriott Hotel and conference center at 2500 North Hollywood Way in Burbank. There is more information about the Jamboree at the Southern California Genealogical Society web site at and their blog at

I'm getting my stuff together, got my laptop and flash drives all tuned up, and am trying to put together material for the Genealogy Blogger Summit that I'm participating in at the Jamboree. I'm even taking all of my funny (?) genealogy T-shirts!

There are some useful blog posts about access to the hotel and the Jamboree activities at:

* Marriott Construction Update -- they are working on the lobby and pool areas - so it may be a rocky entrance. The north entrance on Thornton is open, but the walk across Hollywood Way to the food court may be a challenge.

* Parking at the Marriott -- the parking may be limited by the construction. There are options which don't include in-and-out privileges.

* Jamboree Exhibit Floor is FREE on Sunday from 12 noon until 3 p.m. -- but you have to provide some genealogy data - see the post!

The Jamboree Program is here (if the link works - the SCGS web site is down for awhile, apparently).

The Genealogy Blogger Summit will be on Saturday morning, 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The panel will consist of Stephen Danko, Shelly Talalay Dardashti, Dick Eastman, George G. Morgan, Randy Seaver and Megan Smolenyak and be moderated by Leland Meitzler. What an august group - I'm honored to be in such fine company!

The summary for this Summit says:

"The genealogy blogging and podcast community has been keeping savvy readers up to date on all the news affecting genealogists and family historians. How do they get the information? How is it disseminated?

"How have bloggers changed the flow of information between vendors and their customers? How can family history blogs help exchange information and locate cousins? Come hear this exceptional group of information leaders. Sponsored by"

I look forward to meeting my readers who are attending the Jamboree! Please come up and introduce yourself. I have met only one genealogy blogger in person (Gena from Gena's Genealogy) so far - and I'm excited to be able to talk with other genealogy bloggers.

I hope to be able to "live blog" a number of presentations at the Jamboree, including the Blogger Summit. It may be that I'll have to save up posts and put them on the blog afterwards - we'll see!

Several of my CVGS and SDGS colleagues are coming to the Jamboree by train from San Diego. Linda and I are driving up because we have to go to Victorville on Sunday for "grandparent duties."


Craig Manson said...


I'll be there and hope to see you!

Drew Smith said...

Pssst, Randy, George's middle initial is "G", not "P". (George and I will see you there.)