Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who has married the most times?

I've been curious about the answer to this question for several months, and in my "lazy time" today I Googled it.

Here is one candidate from here:

"The New Straits Times on 4th January 2007 reported that former police officer Kamarudin Mohamad made headlines in 2004 for being Malaysia’s most married man: 53 times."

It also notes that:

* He was a self-confessed “lover of beautiful women” but “never a playboy”.

* His wives included an English woman and two Thais.

* All his previous marriages ended in divorce, with the exception of a Thai who died of breast cancer.

* He leaves behind eight children and 16 grandchildren.

And that:

* His previous marriages lasted an average 193 days each.

* He was married to his 51st wife for 20 years. She died before he considered remarrying Khadijah.

* His briefest marriage lasted only 2 days.

Kamarudin died in early 2007 at age 74, having remarried his first wife as his 53rd wife.

Just think how much it would cost to get a copy of all of his marriage certificates!

I checked Joseph Smith at Wikipedia and the article says he had 33 well-documented wives. Brigham Young was "sealed" to 55 wives (several of them formerly married to Joseph Smith) and he had children by 16 of them.

Are there any other candidates for this "honor?"


wendy said...

Randy - I found your post through Jessica's Genejournal so I also did a post about one of my family lines on my blog (http://allmybranches.wordpress.com). Thanks for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

Me "Clifford", have been married 5 times. The most brief was 28hrs! It was because she was a greedy and proceeded to change bank accounts the very next day. In her name only