Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Footnote.com offers Veterans a break

I received an email from Footnote.com with this subscription offer:

Footnote.com features millions of original records from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War that document the heroic lives of our veterans. In celebration of Veterans Day, Footnote.com would like to extend some special offers to access these records found nowhere else on the web.
We are grateful for the service of our veterans so Footnote.com is offering a veteran's discount on an annual full access membership for only $39.95 (regularly $69.95.
Veterans click here to sign in and take advantage of this Veterans Day offer.

For all non-veterans, Footnote.com is offering a Veterans Day special price of $59.95 for an annual full access membership. Non-veterans click here.
Please take the opportunity today to thank our veterans for their invaluable service.

The Footnote Team
Offer Ends November 30, 2008

This is a great deal for veterans, IMHO. I did not see any "check" that would ensure that someone signing up for $39.95 was a veteran. Surely, nobody would take that offer if they weren't eligible, would they?

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