Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Want a genealogy job? FamilyLink is hiring!

Paul B. Allen, the CEO of (includes WorldVitalRecords, We're Related on Facebook, etc.) just posted is hiring with a list of the jobs available and potential future job postings. A genealogist with significant software, networking, and/or business background could do well by hiring on with FamilyLink. The side benefit would be living near the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, assuming that the job would not suck all free time away from the job-getter.

Paul and FamilyLink use LinkedIn to get candidate referrals. This is a great way to find job candidates - using a trust referral from professional colleagues! You can see Paul's LinkedIn profile here.

There are some interesting positions on the list that they are seeking:

* QA Manager/Software Test Manager - does this means you can play with all of the applications as they are developed? And critique them? Cool. Requires a devious ability to break software... (that's what the job description says) - I know a five-year-old!

* Chief Genealogy Manager - this sounds like the coolest job for someone wanting to be on the cutting edge of Genealogy 2.0! Travel, contacts, spokesman, etc.

* Twitter Interns - a summer job doing what? Tweeting? Promoting FamilyLink properties on Twitter? Teaching executives to tweet? Sounds interesting - maybe we can have some genealogy fun in the summer time trying to identify them!

I just hope that they find the right candidates to make,,, and the We're Related application on Facebook work consistently and in ways that enhance genealogy research.

I wonder if my sons-in-law would qualify for some of these positions (not Twitter Intern, of course). One is a computer hardware product manager and the other is a school district IT manager. I wouldn't mind visiting the grandchildren every month in Utah!

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