Monday, April 13, 2009

What's on the FamilySearch Record Search Database List?

I have tried to keep up with the list of databases, and their completion status, on the FamilySearch Record Search site, and have failed mightily in the effort.

The Ancestry Insider just created a widget to list the databases on the site with their creation date and the latest update date. That is a big help!!! Now if we had the percentage complete, and the type of record (indexed only, images only, indexed and imaged) on this table it would be almost perfect :-)!

This post becomes a keeper for me - somewhere to check occasionally! I'm assuming, of course, that the widget will keep the list updated whenever I, or you, come back to it!

I do have one question - why is it dated Tuesday, 14 April when it is still Monday, 13 April here in the USA?

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The Ancestry Insider said...


Take two aspirin and check again tomorrow. If the date on the post is still not the current date, call me in the morning. ;-)

The Ancestry Insider