Friday, November 20, 2009

Follow Friday - FamHist and LineageKeeper and more

It's Friday, and I'm highlighting favorite blogs and bloggers of mine in a post. I encourage you to visit the blogs I follow and add them to your RSS reader or subscribe to them by email.

Today, I want to highlight Lee R. Drew's blogs --

* FamHist -- this is a Family History blog that touches on stories, genealogy research, technology, recipes, you name it, Lee writes about it here.

* LineageKeeper -- "Lineage collections, family tales, and recording the past."

* Fact and Whimsey -- "Interesting stories, events, thoughts and comments through time and space."

* Tombstone Territory -- Lee's collection of graveyard and tombstone pictures, many from American Fork Cemetery in Utah.

When you put all of the posts together on these four blogs, you get about one a day. The material is always interesting and often fun and challenging. I highly recommend that you follow Lee's blogs. I do!

Lee and I have figured out that we are distant cousins with ties in colonial Massachusetts. We share the Cooke and Soule ancestry from the Mayflower in 1620 also.

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