Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Databases

I visited the San Francisco Genealogy website ( again today and noticed that there is a category for Vital Records - Births, Marriages and Deaths. The Online Genealogy Databases are here:

The database list includes links to all of the available online California vital records:

I was unaware that the California Birth Records 1905-1995 were available for FREE at this web site, so I checked it out. Here is the search box (I put my name in the search box):

And the results:

Yep, it found me, and even provides my mother's married name, similar to the California Birth Index 1905-1995 on

There are two other links to FREE California Birth Index databases - at and on (need to register). There is also a link to, which is a fee-based service.

I'm going to explore more of the databases on for data on my California surnames and families (especially my wife's McKnew, Schaffner, Paul and Leland families).

This website is really one of the jewels of California genealogy!!


Geneagumshoe said...

Thank you so much! What a gold mine! I consider myself pretty Internet savvy when it comes to genealogy, but this site is new to me.

PS: Missed you so when you were on vacation. Welcome home!

Kathryn Doyle said...

You are so right. Pamela Storm and Ron Filion offer an amazing service. Thanks for shining a spotlight on their work.