Friday, June 11, 2010

Follow Friday - Kinexxions blog

It's Follow Friday - time to reveal a genealogy blog that I follow for every post written - and today it is Becky Wiseman's kinexxions blog.

Becky used to write a lot about genealogy research, but for the past six months or so she has been on a tour of the United States and their National Parks. It has been an amazing ride, and Becky has taken her readers along for the ride. Of course, we aren't driving the highways, braving the weather and the critters, or hiking up and down some of the most challenging and prettiest spots in the USA. I, and many other readers, have been enjoying Becky's travels and experiences. I hope that Becky is considering writing a picture book with her photographs and experiences - it would be a wonderful Christmas gift.

I look forward to meeting Becky in person at the SCGS Jamboree this weekend. I'm thinking that she'll be sleeping in a hotel bed instead of the camper shell or the tent!

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Becky Wiseman said...

Thanks Randy! What a pleasant surprise. I'm so gland that you are enjoying my journey - it's been fun and it isn't over yet!!u