Monday, June 7, 2010

New FamilySearch Videos Online

I was clicking through the "classic" last night, and noted that more videos have been added to the "Research Classes Online" page. A lot more!

The "Research Classes Online" page notes that there are three new series:

* Reading Handwriting Records Series (18 videos, 11 languages)
* Research Principles and Tools (10 lessons/videos)
* U.S. Research (15 videos)

This is in addition to the previous classes that cover:

* England Basic Research (5 videos, plus class handout)
* Ireland Research (5 videos)
* Italy Research (1 video)
* Russia Research (2 videos)
* Principios básicos para la investigación genealógica en Hispanoamérica (México) (3 videos)

Here is a screen shot of the "Research Classes Online" page:

There are a number of really interesting videos on this list. Here is the opening screen of Thomas Jones presentation on "Inferential Genealogy:"

Anna Roach's presentation on "U.S. Courthouse Records Overview." On this screen, the presenter speaking shows on the small video screen on the left of the screen:

A presentation (I couldn't understand the speaker's name here) on "U.S. Military Records: Civil War:"

Mary Penner's presentation is on "The Bachelor: Reconstructing a Solitary Life:"

I watched a portion of each of the above videos, and the quality is fairly good. You do need a high-speed Internet connection.

If you are a beginning researcher who wants to learn about any of these subjects, this website is an excellent place to start!

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