Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Remembering 9/11 and looking ahead

Thomas MacEntee has encouraged geneabloggers to post their memories and thoughts about 11 September 2001, so here is mine:

I wrote Remembering 9/11 - and looking ahead three years ago, and reading it this morning I wouldn't change a word of what I wrote, so I won't waste bandwidth regurgitating it here.

The situation really hasn't changed much since 2007. The USA is leaving Iraq, but Iraq is not yet a viable country. The USA military performed extremely well in Iraq given the political constraints placed on them by the media and Congress. War is hell, and you cannot expect a perfect war. The war in Afghanistan continues, and will end only when one side wins decisively, or the country is partitioned. A loss in Afghanistan emboldens the Islamists everywhere. Iran and Syria are still threatening Israel, and by extension, the USA. The USA still depends on Mideast oil, and needs to develop alternative energy sources - natural gas, nuclear and solar.

We have had pinprick attacks on the homeland, and thankfully some of them have failed. Only some of them were prevented - we need to do a better job of Homeland Security. There will be more attempts and attacks until we have better control of our borders and ports, and account for all of our residents. There may be a massive attack on the USA once Iran and other bad actors have missiles that can deliver atomic or EMP weapons to the homeland. Only a fool would cut back on ballistic missile and cyder-attack defense measures. I fear that we have fools running the country. Non illegitmus carborundum.

That's enough philosophizing - you know where I'm coming from. Let the slings loose the arrows...oh wait, that's so 16th century, eh?

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Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

An Islamist is a person who believes in Islam, according to the dictionary. Please be sure to make a distinction between radical Islamists and Muslims. They are obviously not the same.