Sunday, September 5, 2010

All RecordSearch Databases are on FamilySearch Beta Site

A little birdie told me that all of the FamilySearch Record Search Pilot databases had been copied over to the NEW FamilySearch Beta site (, used to be

A screen shot of the Beta site shows a little different top menu and a new background image (kind of a teal landscape with clouds) - which is on all of the Beta pages I checked.

Clicking on "All Collections" on the home page takes me to the list of historical record collections shown below:

This page shows that there are now 454 collections on this site, listed in alphabetical order. The user can scroll down or can use the category and year range filters on the left-hand sidebar.

There are still 454 record collections on the Record Search Pilot site at as of tonight.

This is probably the first step in transferring most of the FamilySearch record databases from the Record Search Pilot site, and will probably be followed by transferring the older databases over also (the Ancestral File is in the "Trees" tab on the Beta site, and some of the IGI datasets for states or countries are already in the Record Search databases).

Okay, what's next? Hopefully, a better Search interface on the Beta site (the current search capability is fairly limited) and some indication of which databases are new during the previous month (Record Search has had this and it's valuable to bean counters like me).


NickMGombash said...

A lot of the Hungary Civil Registration records I've been trying to use still aren't available. Darn!

NickMGombash said...

The Czech Republic records don't seem to be working for me either. :-/