Thursday, October 7, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Frederick W. Seaver's 1911 Birth Record

It's Thursday, time to open the Treasure Chest of family artifacts and documents collected by my parents and handed down in boxes and folders in the 1988 to 2002 time period.

I found my father's birth record in the notebook hiding in my bookcase two weeks ago, and scanned it during Scanfest on 26 September 2010. 

The information on this birth record includes:

*  Date of record: December 26, 1940
*  Name recorded at birth:  Frederick Walton Seaver, Jr.
*  Date of birth:  October 15, 1911
*  Name of Child:  Frederick Walton Seaver, Jr.
*  Color:  White; Sex: Male
*  Place of Birth:  116 Lawrence Street, Fitchburg, Mass.
*  Name of Father:  Frederick W. Seaver
*  Maiden Name of Mother: Alma Bessie Richmond
*  Residence of Parents: 116 Lawrence St., Fitchburg, Mass.
*  Occupation of Father: Comb Manufacturer
*  Birthplace of Father: Leominster, Mass.
*  Birthplace of Mother: Killingly, Conn.
*  Informant:  John W. Stimpson, MD.
*  Date of Record: May 1912
*  Vol. C - 8. Folio 321

The birth record has a raised blue seal of the City of Fitchburg and the signature of the City Clerk of Fitchburg certifying the accuracy of this document.

A question for my readers: Is this an original document or a derivative document?  Is it primary or secondary information?  Is it direct or indirect evidence? 

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Geolover said...

Derivative, secondary, indirect as to most items except possibly place of birth.

The physician may or may not have participated in delivery of the child. He certainly had no first-hand knowledge as to the data supplied concerning parents except possibly residence.

As usual, one wants a photocopy of the original record.