Monday, October 4, 2010

Internet Genealogy Magazine Table of Contents - October/November 2010 Issue

The October/November 2010 issue of Internet Genealogy magazine was in my email inbox this morning, and this issue is chock full of interesting and useful articles.

The Table of Contents includes:

*  page 6 -- NET NOTES

*  page 8 -- CHELSEA AND GREENWICH PENSION RECORDS; David A. Norris looks at websites that will help you find your relatives in the British Army

*  page 10 -- TRACING YOUR NORWEGIAN ANCESTRY; Liv Marit Haakenstad discusses Norwegian resources available to you, both online and offline

*  page 13 -- A FARM BY ANY OTHER NAME; David A. Norris looks at how pieces of land can be unique genealogical identifiers

*  page 17 -- TOP 30 WEBSITES FOR FAMILY RESEARCH; Diane L. Richard lists her favorite websites for researching genealogy

*  page 22 - RECORD/WRITE YOUR FAMILY HISTORY; Lisa A. Alzo looks at the top online resources for preserving your family tree

*  page 26 -- FIVE WAYS TO CONNECT WITH KIN; Lisa A. Alzo discusses how to increase your chances of finding your long-lost relatives

*  page 28 -- WHAT’S NEW AT FAMILYSEARCH.ORG;  Tony Bandy looks at recent improvements at the popular genealogy website

*  page 31 -- IN MOTION: THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN MIGRATION EXPERIENCE; Diane L. Richard explores a great online resource

Shannon Gillette gets the scoop on an often underutilized genealogical resource

*  page 34 -- 15 SITES TO TRACE FEMALE ANCESTORS;  Lisa A. Alzo looks at the top sites for researching the women in your family tree

*  page 36 -- UNCOVERING THE PAST OF TWO SISTERS; Ruby Coleman looks at how an old photo led to the discovery of the family history of two sisters

*  page 39 -- EASYNETSITES; Donna Potter Phillips sings the praises of a new resource

*  page 41 -- GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR ANCESTORS; Tony Bandy discovers a great resource for early American history

*  page 42 -- THE GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH LIBRARY; Tony Bandy looks at a relatively new online resource

*  page 44 -- WEST VIRGINIA VITAL RECORDS ONLINE!  Tony Bandy looks at an easy-to-use website that will help you locate West Virginian ancestors

*  page 46 -- GOING ONLINE WITH GENOOM! Tony Bandy looks at the future of online research

*  page 49 -- ULSTER HISTORICAL FOUNDATION; Diane L. Richard looks at the wealth of info you can gather from this Irish website

*  page 52 -- SHIPINDEX.ORG;  Donna Potter Phillips examines a great immigration

*  page 54 -- FACEBOOK FOR GENEALOGICAL SOCIETIES; According to Bill Puller, social networking sites can revolutionize your society

More details about Internet Genealogy magazine can be found on their website,

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