Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New "Research Courses" on the FamilySearch Learning Site

I'm trying to stay up-to-date on the offerings at, and it can be a challenge. 

One of the most useful educational tools is the genealogical presentations on the Learn tab - go to

Here are the courses listed with a green NEW label as of today:

Researching in the British Isles, presented by Fred Held (28 minutes)

My Experiences in German Family Research, presented by Fred Held (59 minutes)

Cemetery Art, presented by Ellen Miller (26 minutes)

Finding Your Way: Locating and Using Maps in Your Research, presented by Gary Toms (30 minutes)

How to Find More at a Genealogy Library, presented by Gary Toms (36 minutes)

If I'd Ever Known, presented by Beth Foulk (52 minutes)

Managing Your Family Records on the Internet, presented by Fred Held (26 minutes)

Basic U.S. Military Records with Tiff, presented by Tiffany Wright (25 minutes)

Beginning Census Research and Record Keeping, presented by Henry Tharp (23 minutes)

Colonial Immigration, presented by Beth Foulk (53 minutes)

Colonial Land, presented by Beth Foulk (35 minutes)

County Histories and Your Family, presented by Janice Shultz (17 minutes)

Finding the Slave Generation, presented by Angela McComas (18 minutes)

Locating Ancestors on the Final Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes, presented by Kathy Huber (26 minutes)

See You on Sunday! Church Records in Genealogy, presented by Angela McComas (13 minutes)

* Some Underused Online Resources, presented by Gary Toms (56 minutes)

U.S. Courthouse Research, presented by Christine Rose (25 minutes)

Welcome to the World of Periodicals, presented by Charlotte McIntosh (11 minutes)

If those don't wet your genea-whistle, go check the entire list of over 130 research courses at

The neat thing about these courses are that they are taught by subject matter experts, they are free to access, and they can be viewed by individuals or groups with an Internet connection.  Think about how your local society could use them for member programs and classes.


Dorene from Ohio said...

Randy - Thanks for alerting us to these outstanding resources!
I did up a brief blog post at my blog, but I didn't know exactly how
to make link back to you.
Thanks again!

Tony Timmins said...

Thanks for this post Randy, I didn't realise that there were so many courses on FamilySearch. I only became aware of genealogy blogging a few months ago, found you quite quickly and have been very impressed with your blog output and content. In fact I was so impressed I decided to begin my own blog. Best regards from the UK. Tony (