Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Adding a Smart Story to Family Tree Maker 2011 - Post 2

In my earlier post on this subject (Adding a Smart Story to Family Tree Maker 2011 - Post 1), I demonstrated the process of creating a Smart Story in Family Tree Maker 2011, and noted that these Smart Stories can be uploaded to an Ancestry.com Member Tree.

I didn't demonstrate if or how the Smart Story changes when current information is changed, or new information is added.

In the first post, I made a Smart Story for my great-grandfather, Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922).  In this post, I'm going to add a Fact and see if the Smart Story changes, and then I'm going to edit a Fact and see if the Smart Story changes.

1)  Here is the Person screen in the People workspace for Frank Seaver before I add a Fact:

I want to add a Baptism Fact for Frank, so after I do this (clicking the blue + (plus) button, selecting "Baptism" from the "Add Fact" list, and filling in the information), the screen looks like this:

You can see that the Baptism Fact is added to the Fact list.  Did the Smart Story change?  Here's the Smart Story after I added the Baptism Fact:

The Baptism Fact was not added to the Smart Story.  See the bottom of this post for conclusions.

2)  What if I change the information for an existing Fact?  I decided to change Frank's birth date - here's the screen as I'm changing the Birth Fact.  In the field for birth date, I changed it to 6 October 1852, as shown below:

So did the revised date show up in the Smart Story?  Here's the screen after I changed the Birth Fact:

The Smart Story changed as you can see in the screen above. 

I experimented with changing other Facts, changing the Notes, and changing the Fact Sources.  As long as I didn't add a new Fact, add another type of Note, or add a Fact Source, the Smart Story changed accordingly.

The conclusions I draw from this post are:

*  Smart Stories do change when a previously created Fact, Note, or Fact Source is edited or modified.

*  Smart Stories do not change when a newly added Fact, Note type or Fact Source is created.  The user has to create a new Smart Story if those elements are added to a Person's profile.

*  If the Smart Story in the genealogy database is changed, then the Smart Story in the Ancestry.com Member Tree will not be changed until the user uploads a new Family Tree Maker 2011 database into a new Ancestry.com Member Tree.

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Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

I missed Part 1 so will go back and get caught up. Having recently upgraded to FTM for Mac, I have not had a chance to see if my version has a Smart Story. So while it appears you were successful - is this function something you found useful?