Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Find Revolutionary War Ancestors in DAR Records

This week's Tuesday's Tip is to:  Find Revolutionary War ancestors in the Daughter's of the American Revolution (DAR) FREE databases.

Connie Walton Moretti gave an excellent presentation last Saturday at the San Diego Genealogical Society about the online DAR resources.  Researchers can access the DAR Online Resources through:

*  Home page (http://www.dar.org/)
*  click on "Online Research" (http://www.dar.org/library/online_research.cfm)
*  click on "Click Image to Open GRS" (http://services.dar.org/public/dar_research/search/)

On the "DAR Genealogical Research System" page, there are seven tabs:

*  "Ancestor" - search for Revolutionary War Ancestors
*  "Member" - search for DAR members (over 850,000 records)
*  "Descendants" - search for descendants of DAR patriots (over 7 million names)
*  "GRC" - Genealogical Records Committee Index (records donated or transcribed by DAR members)
*  "Resources" - Revolutionary Pension Extract Card Index, DAR Analytical Card index, and links to genealogy sites
*  "Library Catalog" - DAR Library Catalog (housed in Washington DC)
*  "Record Copy" - purchase and download record copy papers

Researchers can find the ancestral lines that were submitted and approved using the Ancestor and "Descendants" tabs.  If a researcher finds a line that they are interested in, they can request a "Record Copy" of the application for $10 and immediately download a file containing the application and accompanying proofs of the events (usually births, marriages and deaths) for each generation approved.  A sample copy of a "Record Copy" is online at http://www.dar.org/library/SAMPLE_Online_Record_Copy.pdf.

There are, of course, some limitations in the Ancestor and Descendants databases - they are submitted by researchers and have only specific lines back to the Revolutionary War soldier.  However, the lines submitted may provide significant details for specific persons in the 19th century, and these clues may help researchers find elusive ancestors.  If a researcher finds a soldier, they can apply for DAR membership by submitting their own application detailing their ancestral line back to the soldier.


Mary said...

Coincidentally, I downloaded a record from the DAR today, an application in which the personal information for the applicant had not been redacted. As a DAR member, I emailed my concern and was told the problem would be worked out. It seems to me that until the problem is worked out, these files should not be available. Putting members at risk by releasing personal information is not what I would expect of an organization of the stature of this one.

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