Monday, May 16, 2011

NGS 2011 Presentations Online

I really appreciate people that post online presentations from genealogy programs, seminars and conferences.

Jordan Jones, of GenealogyMedia, has posted his NGS 2011 presentations on SlideShare.  See:

1)  Cloud Computing and Genealogical Collaboration (Birdie Holsclaw Memorial Lecture)

2)  Social Media: Share Your Genealogy

3)  Beyond Google: Advanced Search

Has anyone else posted their NGS 2011 presentations?  If so, please tell me.  I'll keep my eyes open for them also, and post links here. 

Thank you to Jordan Jones for his willingness to share his presentations.  I thought that they were excellent, although it's difficult to judge from only the presentation slides.  I find them more useful than the printed syllabus pages, though.  I much prefer to view the presentation slides over listening to an audio tape of the presentation.  The ideal is, of course, a video presentation where you hear the speaker and see the slides. 

By the way, is the syllabus from NGS 2011 available to purchase online as a CDROM?

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Michelle Goodrum said...

Hi Randy,
I emailed NGS the other day asking about availability of the syllabus. I was told it will not be available :( (Add tears to the sad face)