Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Webinars from Utah Genealogical Association

I spent a pleasant evening over the weekend learning about genealogical maturity, conducting genealogical research on the Internet, and the Library of Alexandria rule.  This was done in my easy chair in front of the computer (I know - get a life, Seaver!).

The Utah Genealogical Association has started motnhly webinars for their members.  However, the upcoming webinars in June and July are open to the public, and the archived webinars from the past five months are available for public viewing until 1 August 2011.

The URL for the Webinar Archive is  www.infouga.org/cpage.php?pt=11.

The Archived webinars include:

*  May, 2011 - How Mature Are You (Genealogically)? by Robert Raymond, Deputy to CEO, FamilySearch.org

*  April, 2011 - The Google Genealogist by Devin Ashby, Project Coordinator for FamilySearch.org
*  March, 2011 - Clue to Clue: Tracking a Family Across Time and Miles by Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, CG
The 16 June 2011 webinar is:
Title: Finding Your Scottish Ancestry
Presenter: Raymon Naisbitt
Date and Time: 16 June 2011 @ 7:00PM MDT

We have webinars coming out of our ears, don't we?  I love them!

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