Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday's Tip -- the Relatively Curious "Internet Genealogy" Toolbar

This week's Tuesday's Tip is to:  Download and use Tami Glatz's Relatively Curious "Internet Genealogy" Toolbar, and use it to find genealogy resources.

The FREE "Internet Genealogy" Toolbar can be downloaded from http://relativelycurious.ourtoolbar.com/.  The screen below shows the Download page:

The download is very quick, and the Toolbar appears on your browser page.  The screen shot below shows the "Internet Genealogy" Toolbar on my IE9 browser, just below the Google Toolbar:

The Toolbar has these tabs:

*  A Search box (it uses Microsoft Bing)
*  Resources (genealogy tools and links by subject, e.g., Cemeteries and Death)
*  Free (free genealogy websites, e.g., FamilySearch)
*  Subscription (e.g., Ancestry)
*  In Print (published resources, e.g., online books, libraries)
*  Connect (social network sites, e.g. Facebook)
*  Blogs (14 of Tami's faves, including Genea-Musings!)
*  Gadgets (utility programs, e.g. TinyURL, Dropbox)

The "Internet Genealogy" Toolbar is a collection of links that genealogists can use to quickly access many of their favorite genealogy websites.

How does the Toolbar work?  In the screen above, I clicked on the "Resources" tab and scrolled down to "Military" and a second menu with links to military resources opened.  I could click on any one of them, and a new window tab will open to that website.  In other words - this Toolbar acts like my Favorites (or Bookmarks in some system).  It seems to be much easier to use for many websites than using my bloated Favorites.  Note that my Favorites are still available to me on my browser screen.

I sent Tami some links yesterday to add or change on her toolbar, and within an hour or two she had them installed.  I clicked on the down arrow on the blue "Internet Genealogy" on the left of the Toolbar and clicked on "Refresh Toolbar" and the Toolbar links and tabs were updated.

Why did I wait so long to do this?  I don't know, but I'm glad that I did.  Thanks, Tami!

I need to go explore more of the links - especially the ones under "Free" > "United States (US & Individual States)"

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relatively curious said...

I'm really glad you like it Randy. Your recommendation means a lot. I'm always happy to update or even add new websites that folks use regularly for online genealogy research! I just keep trying to make it the best tool it can be. There is a link to contact me under the "Internet Genealogy" tab, where you can send website suggestions to me. Or email me directly at RelativelyCurious (at) gmail (dot) com!