Monday, September 26, 2011

FamilySearch Research Courses - 209? 273? 262?

It used to be fairly easy to tell how many Research Courses there were available on the FamilySearch Learning Center - you could count them.  They also highlighted the new ones to help users find them.

Now, the Learning Center page has a list of places associated with the research courses, and there are 209 of them.  Unless some have more than one place associated with them.

There is also a set of links for Skill Level - 40 are Advanced, 45 are Beginner and 188 are Intermediate.  That adds up to 273.

There are five new courses highlighted:

Finding Records of LDS Ancestors (36 minutes)

Germany Beginning Research Series Lesson 1: Getting Started (15 minutes)

Germany Beginning Research Series Lesson 2: Learn about Historical Background (30 minutes)

Getting Started with Family History Research (12 minutes)

Tracing Family Traits Using a Genogram (20 minutes)

You would think that these would be the last five added, but I'm not sure that that is the case.  The highest number of the five above, in the URL for the course, is #262.  Perhaps some have been numbered and not added to the list yet?

The most popular research courses are listed as:

5 Minute Genealogy Episode 1: Find a Record in Five Minutes (5 minutes)

African American Genealogical Research at the Library of Congress (29 minutes)

Genealogy Boot Camp (27 minutes)

Ireland Beginning Research Series Immigration Part 1: Strategies (21 minutes)

My Experiences in German Family Research (59 minutes)

There is a wealth of educational material here for all levels of genealogists and family historians.  I hope that my readers are taking advantage of them, and are encouraging colleagues to use them also. 

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Drew Smith said...

The 273 strikes me as the most likely number. 209 would represent only those tutorials that are place-specific, and there are bound to be many that are not tied to any particular place.