Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FGS Photos - More Vendor Shots

I posted some Vendor photos yesterday from the FGS Conference in Springfield, Illinois.  Here are several more from some of the lesser known and very interesting companies:


Amy Coffin wrote FGS2011 - Introducing on 9 September that provides an overview of this site, and a useful comment from Greg Boyd of HistoryGeo and Arphax.


I enjoyed talking to Joy Shivar of, and she provided a press release about the company, which a number of genea bloggers posted - see Just a Joy Press Release from FGS2011 on Jonnifer Holik-Urban's blog.


While I spoke to Gordon who was  demonstrating the Flip-Pal portable scanner, I did not take nohrs or pick up any publicity material.  Lorine McGinnis Schulze wrote More Cool Things About Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner That I Learned at RootsTech in March.  That's geneablogger Caroline Pointer (Family Stories) talking to Joy Shivar in the photo above.


Gary Clark is the owner of PhotoTree (with his colleague Daniel in the photo above), based in Orange County, California.  See their publicity at

There were, of course, many other vendors, including book sellers, stuff sellers, genealogical and historical societies, several government organizations, etc.  However, I didn't take photos of them!  My apologies to the vendors and my readers for missing so many of them.

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