Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family Tree Maker 2012 Pre-Sale

As an newsletter subscriber, I've received several emails about Family Tree Maker 2012 with TreeSync software.   The 8 September email offered a 20% discount from the retail price of $39.99 to $31.99.  The 22 September email offers a 40% discount price of $23.99. 

If a reader goes to the Shop site, or the Family Tree Maker website (, the link is to the $31.99 site (

The link for the $23.99 price is  I'm choosing this one!

Both sites say that FTM 2012 will start shipping in "the last week of September 2011."

The "What's New" description says:

*  TreeSync — lets you easily synchronize your tree in Family Tree Maker with an online tree.
  • Access and update your tree anywhere. Continue your research wherever you are whether it’s through your computer,, even your iPhone or iPad.
  • Easily share your tree with your family, and even work on it together. Your family and friends can view the online version of your tree without any software or a subscription. They just login with their name and email and they can always see the latest version of your tree, and can even work on adding to it if you’d like them to.
  • Collaborate with the largest, most active family history community in the world. You can keep your online tree private or make it public so that others researching your family can always find the latest version of your research. You may connect with others who have insight on your ancestors or even rare photos to share with you. And you may even find relatives you didn’t know you had.
*  Blended family view — shows combined families, including stepfamilies and adoptees at a glance.
*  Improved Smart Stories — give you new tools for adding and editing details.
*  Chart personalization — lets you personalize charts by adding text and displaying generation labels such as parents, grandparents and great–grandparents
*  Index of individuals report — lists every individual in your tree, plus their birth, marriage and death dates.
*  Customized fact sentences — let you change wording and choose what data is included in sentences that Family Tree Maker generates for certain reports and Smart Stories.
*  Descendent charts between two people — make it easy to choose two individuals in your tree and create a descendant chart that shows their relationship. is also offering a "Family Tree Maker 2012 Complete" package (see the "Compare Products" tab on for $47.99 (retail price $79.99).  This includes (in addition to FTM 2012 and a 14-day free trial to

*  The Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker 2012:
This printed version (size 7x9) of the Companion Guide helps you get the most out of Family Tree Maker 2012. It takes you beyond the simple step-by-step instructions to the why, how and when of the software’s most popular features.
*  The Family History Toolkit:
  • Abbreviations and Acronyms: A Guide for Family HistoriansExplanation of abbreviations and acronyms found in census schedules, soundex indexes, mortality schedules, court records, etc.
  • Ancestry’s Concise Genealogy DictionaryDefinitions of unusual terms you might encounter in cemetery, probate, court, and medical records.
  • Hidden Sources: Family History in Unlikely PlacesOverview of sources that are often overlooked and where and how they can be found.
  • Printed Sources: A Guide to Published Genealogical RecordsGuide to printed sources such as vital records, family histories, land records, and more.
  • The Official Guide to Ancestry.comBecome more proficient with searching the site. Explore obscure databases you didn't know existed.
  • The Official Guide to RootsWebLearn to use the resources on RootsWeb and read success stories from the RootsWeb Community.
*  Photo Explosion Album:Make every photo picture perfect with the easy-to-use retouching tools in Photo Explosion Album. Fix exposure, adjust lighting and color saturation, sharpen images -even preserve photos on a DVD or CD. Plus, use with Family Tree Maker to print charts, manage photos, and make your family tree look better than ever., and other online book/software sites do not have Family Tree Maker 2012 on sale yet.  A user can expect to see an FTM 2012 Essentials (with one month US subscription), FTM 2012 Deluxe (with three month US subscription), and FTM 2012 Platinum  (with six month US subscription) in the coming months for a discounted price.


Ben Sayer said...

Hi, Randy.

The first price is for the full version and the second for the upgrade.

----Ben Sayer >@<

Caro said...

There's also a discount code which enables you to get the upgrade for $19.99.