Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mocavo Search Widget on Genea-Musings

I installed the Mocavo Search Widget several weeks ago on Genea-Musings so that readers, and me, could search for names, locations or other word combinations on Genea-Musings.  It is a little way down my right sidebar, and looks like this:

 I did a search using the widget - searching for [thomas j. newton], one of my elusive ancestors, to see what I've posted.  The results were:

There were 215 matches in this search for my search terms on Genea-Musings.  If I click one of the matches, the blog post opens in a separate window tab:

As you can see, the search terms are highlighted in the blog post.  It is not clear what criteria Mocavo uses to order the matches.  My cursory look at the results indicate that it is not ordered by date.  It may be ordered by the number of matches within the posts.  My preference would be to order them by date, with the most recent matches first.

Note the Mocavo frame that includes the web page.  The user can close the frame by clicking on the "Close Bar" link on the right side of the frame.  I was assured some time ago by the Mocavo creators that this frame feature does not reduce the hit count on the blog.  However, I haven't figured out a way to test that yet.

While I have many labels on my blog, I have very few for family names, and none for given-surname combinations.  Therefore, I have to use Mocavo, Google Search or Blogger search (at the top left of the blog) to search for specific people or word combinations.

Do you want a Mocavo Search Widget for your blog?  You can get yours at mocavo.com/widgets today!  It's FREE.  And useful.  

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