Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun with Tweets and Twits

Here are some of the "best" tweets concerning this week (tweeters anonymous):

*  Wonder if anyone ever mixes up  and... 

*  According to , I'm third cousins, twice removed from David Letterman's mug

*    says we may be related. ~Floyd the Maltese. :-D

*  I'm addicted to . Admitting I have a problem is the first step. 11 more to go...just as soon as I finish my family tree

*  my HST teacher said she was using  and she found out that she's relates to charlemagne!

*  Breaking News: House Speaker John Boehner Joins  ~ Finds Out His Grandfather Was An Orange

*  omg, this  commercial... she made her grandma look like such a whore! lol

*   - the new  dating site

*  I give a different name when I'm signing up on  cuz its funnier that way. And my parents dont have records.. 

*   when hillbilly's use  as a dating site

*  .com should issue a disclaimer: not for seniors with OCD.

*  NBC's new show "Who Do You Think You Are" aka "Let's get  to advertise for life".” So true.

*  needs to check  bc too much of  applies to me and mine lol

*   what if you are a dirty Mexican living in the states. Does it still know a thing or two about your past???

*  I can't wait for my great great great grandchildren to go on  and find out I was a tranny porn star.

*  better check  first before you have lil retarded babies

*  omggg  just got 17 million Massachusetts records dating back to 1620??? brb setting up another free trial 

*  Ancestry. com is mainly for white ppl bcuz black ppls family tree will more than likely end in somebody being a slave...smh

*  Is  legit?

*  Lol I actually was tryna see if that  thingy worked but then i gave up cuz they were asking too many questions

*   will not get a cent of my money until they can tell me which apes I came from.

*  Im tempted to go on  but lets face... Im barely keeping up with the secrets i already know.

*  Did you know if you go on  that you will be bored?

*  For someone who treats his family like they're made of anthrax, I sure spend a lot of time on .

*  remember everyone has a hot cousin... Find yours now at

*  Diamonds are her best friend. I checked on  and her cousins are rhinestones. 

*  when we are all long gone, our great great great grand kids will get on ancestry .com and they will be taken to our twitter page

I couldn't resist doing this once I saw the richness.  These were just the clean ones!  I noted that most of these were relatively young people.  It seems to me that the Ancestry commercials and WDYTYA are raising the awareness of young folks.  I guess that's good!

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Cyndi Beane Henry said...

Oh Randy! These are too funny! Thanks for giving me a belly laugh this afternoon!

Family Curator said...

Tx Randy,
Xo, Denise

Judy G. Russell, CG said...

Still laughing over some of these!

Anonymous said...

Those were terrific! Hope you do that every week.