Monday, April 2, 2012

My Carringers in the 1940 US Census

We got back from dinner just in time for DearMYRTLE's Webinar, and I checked the San Diego County image set on the site.

All of the San Diego EDs were listed, including my ED 62-63A ED that I thought had my two Carringer families in it.

They are on the same page in ED 62-63A - Image 32 of 40, and Sheet 16-B.  Here is the downloaded census page (2.8 mb).

The census image has a source attached to it, which you open by clicking on the green "View Source" arrow on the far right of the Ancestry census image.  Here is the Source opened:

The Source for this image is: 1940 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2012.  Original data: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Sixteenth Census of the United States, 1940. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1940. T627, 4,643 rolls.

For my Lyle L. Carringer family residing at 2130 Fern Street in San Diego, San Diego County, California,  they are enumerated in Dwelling #444, on Sheet 16-B, in ED 62-63A.  They were enumerated on 22 April 1940.

I was most interested in the value of the real estate ($5000), Lyle's salary in 1939 as an "office clerk" in a "retail department store" ($1475).  He completed 4 years of high school.  His wife, Emily R. Carringer, completed 3 years of high school, and made $269 in 1939 as a "clerical and saleslady" in a "retail department store."  My mother, Betty V. Carringer, had completed 3 years of college, and was listed as a "student art clerk" at "college" and made $100 in 1939.

There is more, of course, and I'll report on it after further digesting the content.

Now I'm going back to enjoy the DearMYRTLE webinar!

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Carol P. said...

Randy, we might have virtually crossed paths yesterday - I was searching San Diego's E.D. 62-20A and 62-81. With the 1940 addresses, I reviewed my gr-uncle's photo album and spent a fair bit of time driving around in modern day San Diego in Google Earth, matching the current-day houses with photos that he took back then. Eventually, I found his cute bungalow (now sadly neglected). At 3:30am, I packed it in. Too much fun!