Sunday, April 1, 2012

Evidence Explained Website Launched

Elizabeth Shown Mills has launched another website, this one called Evidence Explained.  She said on the TGF mailing list today:

"Across the past year or so, many of you have queried the genealogical mailing lists, asking when the 2nd edition of _Evidence Explained_ would be available in a downloadable format. The wait is over.  

" has now launched---not just as a vehicle for providing electronic downloads of EE and the QuickSheets, but also as an educational venue and a forum for issues relating to citation, evidence analysis, and record usage and interpretation."

The site has links for Reviews, Book content, Sample Text Pages, Sample QuickSheet Models, FAQ, Forums, and Book Store.

Users can register (free) to contribute to the Forums to discuss Record Usage and Interpretation, Evidence Analysis Issues, and Citation Issues.

The Book Store features Evidence! Explained, 2nd Edition, for a download for $27.95!!!  User can also purchase hard copies of Elizabeth's QuickSheet laminated four page "cheat sheet" study guides.

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Tessa Keough said...

Wondering how much difference between first and second editions - anyone?