Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recent Genealogy Webinars Available Online

There are a number of webinars on genealogical topics currently available for free on the Internet.  There are others available for a price - either on CD or online for a fee.  The current offerings from the last month include:

1)  RootsMagic ( are all FREE to view:

*  1940 U.S. Census Webinars (2 April, and 3 April so far, more to come) - see

2)  Legacy Family Tree (

*  Navigating the 1940 U.S. census by Thomas MacEntee (on CD for a fee)

*  Navigating the new Census Tools in Legacy Family Tree by Geoff Rasmussen (free to view indefinitely)

*  DNA Research for Genealogists: Beyond the Basics by Ugo Perego (free to view until 2 May, then on a CD for a fee)

*  Obituaries: Clues to Look For. Tips for making sure you get the full benefit from an obituary notice by Tom Kemp (free to view indefinitely).

*  Digital Writing Tools for Genealogists by Lisa Alzo (free to view until 10 April 2012, then on a CD for a fee).

*  The Pursuit from Genealogy Hobbyist to Professional by John Kitzmiller and Claire Brisson-Banks (free to view indefinitely)

3)  Michael John Neill has a number of recorded webinars listed at  His offerings all can be downloaded for a fee (typically $8 each).  The recent topics include The 1940 census, the Genealogical Proof Standard for the Non-Professional, Proving Benjamin, Female Ancestors, The Probate Process - An Overview, Using, and many more.
You can see which webinars are upcoming on the GeneaWebinars site - see the Calendar at

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