Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winner of First Genea-Musings Ancestry Membership Contest

The first Genea-Musings Contest to Win a 3-Month Ancestry World Explorer Membership is over...

There were 79 entrants with the correct answer to my questions, and almost everyone obeyed the rules to the letter.  I saved them all in one email file folder, listed by email reception time.

After the contest was closed on Sunday night, I went to www.random.org and entered 79 into the maximum number field and clicked on the "Generate" button.

#14 was the winner!  On my email list, the 14th entry was Rod Van Cooten of Melbourne, Australia.

I passed Rod's email to my contact at Ancestry.com, and then I emailed Rod with my congratulations.

As part of this contest sponsored by Ancestry.com, Rod can select one of his friends to win another 3-Month Ancestry.com World Explorer Membership.  How cool is that?

So - did you miss out on this opportunity?  Well, stay tuned - I have a second, similar contest coming up later today!!  Can my readers beat the 79 entries of the first contest?

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