Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Love 1000Memories Site for Photo Sharing

When the 1000Memories site was announced last year, I abstained from trying it out because I was too busy and I was still working out my Photo naming convention and had photos in many different file folders.

However, I have a need to share family photographs with my daughters, brothers, cousins and in-laws, so I decided to try it out about one month ago.  I really like it!!!

After registering for free, I created several albums for different families, and was able to upload photographs to several albums.  I then added dates, places, name tags and comments to the photos, and invited some of my family members to view them.

There were several albums that I did not populate that first time around, but now I'm ready to do that, and I thought I would share my experience.

1)  When I open my 1000Memories website (, I see the Albums that I have created:

2)  I wanted to add photographs from my files to the "Fred and Betty Seaver Family" album, so I clicked on that album on the screen above:

There are several ways to upload photos to the site:

*  Use the red "Add Photos" button to add photos from computer files
*  Scan photos from the iPhone of ScanCafe
*  Import photos from Facebook or InstaGram.

3)  I wanted to upload them from my computer files, so I clicked on the "Add Photos" button and was able to pick from my file folders:

4)  I clicked on the "Open" button and the selected photos were added (very quickly) to the album:

5)  For each photo, I can click on it and add a Date, a Place, tag the persons in the photo, and write a Comment:

In the photo above, I added a date, added a place, and tagged the people in the photograph.  I can make a picture the album cover, and I did that for the photo above.

6)  Lastly, I can Invite family members to view each specific album by clicking on the "Invite people" button.  I can invite one or more persons by adding their name or email address in the blank field:

This works extremely well, it's well organized, and logical.

I can now share my family photographs with other family members easily.  I've added over 580 photos to my albums, and still have more to do.  I need to add the date, place, tag information to some of them.

I love this capability.  It has made photo sharing a snap for me.

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Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Thank you for the update, Randy. I really should give it a try. From your description, it is just what I have been looking for. ;-)