Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FamilySearch Blog Now on RSS Feed (Again)

I complained the other day on the Facebook FamilySearch page the other day that the RSS feed for the FamilySearch Blog wasn't working - and had not worked since 7 September.  The person who answered me was surprised and said she would see if it could be fixed.

I think she did it - good job, Michelle!  I received about 8 posts today from the FamilySearch Blog. Here is the current home page of the blog:

Some time ago, FamilySearch combined all of their genealogical blogs into the one FamilySearch Blog.  You can see the list of Categories on the right side of the screen above - it includes the Tech Tips page.

The list of Categories is:

If you don't have the URL for the FamilySearch Blog (https://familysearch.org/blog/en/) in your Favorites/Bookmarks or in your RSS Reader, then I encourage you to add it to your list.  

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