Thursday, January 24, 2013

Check Out the Census Dotmap - Can You Find Your House?

Have you seen the Census Dot Map for the 2010 U.S. Census and 2011 Canadian Census?  Check it out at  The site says:

"This is a map of every person counted by the 2010 US and 2011 Canadian censuses. The map has 341,817,095 dots - one for each person."

You can zoom in on any part of the map and manipulate the map using drag-and-drop.  Here's Southern California:

Here's southwestern San Diego county, including Chula Vista:

Here is Chula Vista (maximum magnification):

And my neighborhood with my home location circled (approximately!):

The large blank area in the upper left area of the last image is a schoolyard.  There are dots located in that area.  Similarly, there is a large area further to the west (on the Chula Vista image) which is a golf course.  There are dots there too.  Are these persons "living" in these areas?

The DotCensus site says:

"The census reported that someone lived there."

OK, I'll take their word for it!  

Isn't this a cool map system?  

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