Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First Look at Legacy Mobile App for iOS - FamilySearch Family Tree

One of the announcements that got my attention at RootsTech 2013 was the Legacy Mobile app for iOS (iPad, iPhone) that is supposed to synchronize with the FamilySearch Family Tree.  The App was created by Otter Creek Holdings, LLC, which is also the creator of the Billion Graves app.  Legacy Mobile was released this week - the description page for the App is at https://itunes.apple.com/app/legacy-mobile/id616755093.

Obviously, you have to have a FamilySearch registration and credentials, and have identified yourself in the FamilySearch Family Tree.

I downloaded the App to my iPhone, registered, signed into FamilySearch on it, and the app found me in the FamilySearch Family Tree.  Here is the screen shot of the "my" page:

There is space on the screen for my name, a photo of me (not available), a map for my Life Events, a listing of my Life Events, an area for Spouse, Children, and Parents.

At the bottom of the screen is a button for the "Dashboard" and three icons - for "Edit," "Tree," and "Search"

I clicked on the "Edit" icon and saw:

On the screen above, I could edit the name and the Events already listed.  I could add an Event by tapping the "+" button on the "Events" title line.  I tapped on the "Birth" event and saw this screen:

I could edit or add more information for that event.  There is a "Delete" icon at the bottom of the screen if I want to delete the event.  I didn't want to, so I tapped on the "Done" button at the top of the screen to get back to "my" page.

I was curious what would happen when I clicked on the "Tree" icon at the bottom of the first screen above.  It took awhile, but a portion of my family tree loaded (from the FamilySearch Family Tree):

 I think that the bottom pair is me and my spouse, although no names are provided for them.  My mother's name "Betty" and grandfather's name, "Lyle" are shown on the screen above.  If I had pictures in the FS Family Tree of the persons, they would show up on the screen above instead of the generic "placeholder" blue (male) and red (female) images. The iPhone screen is apparently too small for the fixed height of the names in the "portrait" view above..

I rotated the iPhone to get a landscape view of the tree, and the first names of the four generations appeared:

From this view, I could tap any of the persons on the screen and see their information, or tap the "Tree" icon to see their ancestors.

It takes awhile to download a set of three generations of ancestors - the information box on the screen says:

"Downloading data from FamilySearch.  Please be patient, this may take a few minutes."

It did, but then every time I hit the "Tree" icon, the data downloaded without the message.  However, I get the message every time I open the Legacy Mobile app.

The App works, and navigation from child to parent, parent-to-child, works pretty well.  The Events provided in the App are the events in FamilySearch Family Tree.  I don't think there are any Sources provided on the App even though I have sources in the Family Tree.

On the iPhone, the "portrait" view is best for everything except for the "Tree" view - you can see and access more information.  To see Life Events, you have to tap the small blue arrow to the right of the Event.  To see a Person's data, you can tap the person's name.  I struggled to get back to the Dashboard - finally navigated until I got back to my page, then tapped "Dashboard" and saw that I now had 129 people in the App from FamilySearch Family Tree.

There is a "Legacy Tec" link to another part of the app that says:

"Take a picture of a headstone that you would like to know more about."  

The Camera app on the iPhone opens and if I had a tombstone in front of me, I could have taken the picture.  I'm not sure what would happen after that!  I'll have to experiment more.  Maybe I can take a picture of one of my gravestone pictures on my computer, since I don't have any nearby.

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James Tanner said...

Thanks. I like your screen shots. I wonder what the connection is between taking pictures of gravemarkers and the download from Family Tree?

Finn said...

I would think that the gravemarkers would go into BillionGraves as that is the site that is also owned by Otter Creek. Therefore pictures should be take at the grave site.