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RootsTech 2013 Geneabloggers Review (Updated)

Here is the collection of blog posts about RootsTech 2013 by geneabloggers who attended RootsTech 2013 that I've found so far:

Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings blog:  

*  Day 1 in Salt Lake City - At the FHL 
*  RootsTech - Day 1, Part 1
*  RootsTech New  Product Alert - Legacy Mobile
*  RootsTech Day 2 - Morning Keynotes
*  RootsTech New Product Alert - Treelines
*  RootsMagic 6 Certified to Work with FamilySearch Family Tree
*  RootsTech Day 3 Keynotes - David Pogue and MyHeritage
*  RootsTech 2013 New Product Alert - ReelGenie
*  RootsTech 2013 Geneabloggers Review (Updated)
*  Post RootsTech 2013 Musings
*  Tuesday's Tip - Watch RootsTech 2013 Videos
*  Good Genealogy News From RootsTech 2013
*  FHISO and GEDCOM X Musings

James Tanner's Genealogy's Star blog:

*  New Developments from FamilySearch
*  RootsTech 2013 Day One, Introduction
*  RootsTech 2013 - Day One - Continuation Part One
*  RootsTech 2013 - Day One - Continuation Part Two
*  What is RootsTech all about?
*  RootsTech 2013 - Day Two - Episode One
*  RootsTech 2013 - Day Two - Episode Two
*  RootsTech 2013 - Day Two - Episode Three
*  RootsTech 2013 - Day Three - Episode One
*  RootsTech 2013 - Day Three -- Goodbye to Everyone
*  Assessment of RootsTech 2013
*  Update on brightsolid's 
*  Interview with Yuval Ben-Galim of MyHeritage

The Ancestry Insider blog:

*  FamilySearch Gives RootsTech Bloggers Sneak Peak
*  RootsTech Opens Today! Drop by for Free Stuff
*  From RootsTech: It’s More than Names—It’s Their Stories
*  From RootsTech: When I Tell Their Stories, I’m With My Ancestors Again
*  RootsTech Opening Session Theme: Stories
*  From RootsTech: Wow Moments
*  From RootsTech: Partnering with FamilySearch for Probate

*  Saturday Keynotes: The Pit Is Always Smaller Than the Plum
*  Brimhall Unveils New FamilySearch Logo
*  RootsTech FamilySearch Luncheon: I Am the Man
*  RootsTech Luncheon: It Was a Sign...
*  #RootsTech - Ron Tanner: Go Fish
*  RootsTech: Search Tools

Jill Ball's Geniaus blog:

*  6,800 - That's Some Party
*  Official Blogger Dinner
*  Media Hub at RootsTech
*  Hour by Hour
*  Else and Alec at RootsTech
*  Heather at RootsTech
*  Aussies at RootsTech
*  A Steinway at RootsTech
*  Youth at RootsTech
*  Alona at RootsTech
*  What an Opportunity
*  Audrey at RootsTech
*  Jyl Pattee
*  A Dear Mate - DearMYRTLE

Nancy Shively's Gathering Stories blog:

*  RootsTech Live!
*  RootsTech Recap- Thursday
*  Muddy Heroes
*  RootsTech 2013: Did I Pass?

Amy Coffin's We Tree Genealogy Blog:

*  Pre-RootsTech Update
 FamilySearch Initiatives at the RootsTech Bloggers Dinner
Schelly Dardashti's MyHeritage Blog:

Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems blog:

*  RootsTech Report: It's All About Stories

Renee Zamora's Renee's Genealogy Blog:

*  RootsTech Official Blogger Dinner
*  RootsTech 2013 - I Cried
*  Recap of Tim Sullivan's Keynote Address - DNA, iOS, Content and More

Audrey Collins' The Family Recorder blog:

*  RootsTech - The first day dawns
*  RootsTech - What's in Your Gadget Bag?
*  RootsTech - Some Pictures From Day Two
*  What I Got Out of RootsTech

Rosemary Morgan's London Roots Research blog:

*  The Day Before RootsTech 2013
*  Highlights of Day 1 at RootsTech
*  WOW - Highlights of Day 2 at RootsTech 2013
*  Highlights of Day 3 at RootsTech 2013

Lynn Broderick's The Single Leaf blog:

*  The First Day of Spring…and RootsTech 2013
*  Rain, Snow, and Blue Skies on the Opening Day of RootsTech 2013
*  It Started with a Snowstorm: RootsTech 2013 on Day 2
*  Blue Skies Cap the End of RootsTech 2013

M. Diane Rogers CanadaGenealogy, or 'Jane's Your Aunt' blog:

*  CanadaGenealogy at RootsTech 2013
*  RootsTech - Day 2 – – Creating Virtual Towns
*  The Travelling Genealogist – and her Gadgets – Rootstech Day 1

Michael McCormick's Enduring Legacy Genealogy blog:

*  My RootsTech 2013: Day 1 - FamilySearch reveals website beta and vision, BillionGraves tech plans
*  My RootsTech 2013: Day 2 - breaking news, FHISO and GEDCOMX, handwriting recognition
*  My RootsTech 2013: Day 3 - I Attend LDS Training all Day

Banai Feldstein's The Ginger Jewish Genealogy Blog:

*  RootsTech 2013, Day -1
*  RootsTech 2013, Day 1 – Keynotes
*  RootsTech 2013, Day 1 – Gaming
*  RootsTech 2013, Day 2 – Development
*  RootsTech 2013, Day 3
*  RootsTech 2013 -- The Nitpicker's Critique, Part 1
*  RootsTech 2013 -- The Nitpicker's Critique, Part 2

John D. Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog:

*  RootsTech: the 2nd Half Day
*  RootsTech III Day 2 Keynote Session
*  RootsTech III Day 3
*  RootsTech in One Word
*  RootsTech Genetic Genealogy Panel Session

Heather Rojo's Nutfield Genealogy blog:

*  A Thank You to the Family History Community
*  A New Hampshire Yankee at Day One of RootsTech 2013
*  A NH Yankee at Day Two of RootsTech 2013
*  Friends at RootsTech 2013
*  Catch Me On Video Three Times!
*  A NH Yankee at Day Three of RootsTech 2013
*  Discoveries from RootsTech 2013

Carolyn L. Barkley's blog:

*  RootsTech 2013 Conference – Day 1 
RootsTech 2013 Conference – Day 2
*  RootsTech – Day 3 with a Look Back at the Conference 

Jane Neff Rollins' blog:

*  Adventures at RootsTech 1
*  Adventures at Rootstech 2013 – Day 2
*  Adventures at RootsTech 2013- Day 3

Amanda's Geni Blog:

FamilySearch's FamilySearch Blog:

Diane Haddad's The Genealogy Insider blog:

Paula Hinkel's Genealogy Jamboree Blog:

Lisa's Billion Graves blog:

*  "Wow" Moments [don't miss this one!]

Liz Pidgeon's InfoLass blog:

*  RootsTech 2013: Day 1
*  RootsTech 2013: Day 2
*  RootsTech 2013: Day 3

CeCe Moore's Your Genetic Genealogist blog:

*  AncestryDNA, Raw Data, and RootsTech

Michael Maglio on the In-Depth Genealogist blog:

*  Is RootsTech More Roots Than Tech?
*  RootsTech: Technology Finds a Niche in Genealogy
*  Next Generation Genealogy: The Story Takes Center Stage

Dick Halsey on the Dick's Genealogy & Family History Corner blog:

*  RootsTech 2013 -- Overview
*  RootsTech 2013 - Thursday; Part 1
*  RootsTech 2013 - Thursday, Part 2
*  RootsTech 2013 - Friday, Part 1
*  RootsTech 2013 - Friday, Part 2
*  RootsTech 2013 - Saturday

Valerie Elkins'  Family Cherished blog:

*  RootsTech: The Aftermath

Dick Eastman's Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter blog:

*  RootsTech2013 Wrap-up Report

Eric Jelle's Genedocs: Family Research and Legacy Preservation blog:

*  Phenomenal 2013 RootsTech Opening Day
*  Keynote 1: Dennis Brimhall, CEO of
*  RootsTech Keynote 2
*  RootsTech 2013 Keynote 3: Josh Taylor
*  RootsTech Screencasting Session: Ann Metcalf
*  Collecting Fabric of a Life: Thomas MacEntee
*  RootsTech GeneDocs Report Conitnued

Sue Maxwell's Granite Genealogy blog:

*  RootsTech in Pictures - Wednesday Evening Sneak Preview
*  RootsTech in Pictures - Thursday AM
*  RootsTech in Pictures - More on Thursday
*  RootsTech 2013 - Personal Reflections on a Pendulum Ride

Maureen Taylor's Photo Detective blog:

*  RootsTech 2013 Report

Donna Potter Phillips' Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Blog:

*  Report on RootsTech

Becky Wiseman's kinexxions blog:

*  Thoughts on RootsTech

Joan Shurtliff 's Record Click blog:

*  New Technology at RootsTech Helps Genealogists Tell Their Stories

Holly Hansen's  Family History Expos blog:

*  RootsTech was Just the Right Medicine 

Michael Leclerc's Mocavo Genealogy Blog:

*  RootsTech 2013 Wrapup

Gene Pennington's Marin County Genealogical Society blog:

*  RootsTech 2013 - My Notes
*  RootsTech 2013 - My Notes Part II
*  RootsTech 2013 - My Notes Part III

Janet Hovorka's Zap the Grandma Gap blog:

*  Great Ideas From RootsTech Attendees
*  Report from the Youth Sessions of RootsTech
*  RootsTech From a Teenage Perspective - Guest Blogger

Donald R. Snow's UVTAGG Page:

*  Some Things I Learned at RootsTech 2013

Alona Tester's Lone Tester HQ blog:

*  A Day in Salt Lake City
*  Next Stop Hollywood?
*  Genealogy Royalty and the Autograph Book
*  Conference Bling from RootsTech 2013
*  Gotta Love the Geneablogger Community
*  Memorable Moments in Salt Lake City

If I have missed your blog post, please tell me in Comments on this post.

Last update:  19 May 2013, 10 p.m.

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my Heritage Happens said...

Wow, that is very nice and I know time consuming, thank you for doing this! I appreciate it!

Lynn Broderick said...

Thanks for indexing the blog posts,and the mention, too! What a great history of RootsTech 2013! In a collaborative effort, may the picture be complete :-) I love it!

GeneGinny said...

I'm considerably more opinionated than the rest of the geneabloggers you've linked to, Randy. But here's a link to my blog: Ginny in Seattle

Fiona Tellesson said...

Your index is greatly appreciated - thank you from across the pond...

Anonymous said...

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Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Thanks for the mention on your list. I'm finally able to sit down and read all the RootsTech blogs by other bloggers. Its a good way to catch up on all the sessions and workshops I missed because I just can't figure out how to clone myself to see everything!

gophergenealogy said...

Thank you for the update for RootsTech. While I was not there in person, I did enjoy the conference from viewing the live streaming presentations to the facebook posts, especially those with pictures. You can find my observations about viewing the conference from afar at

LisaM said...

Thanks, Randy for compiling this list, I was wondering how I was going to find what everyone had written about RootsTech, and now I don't have to worry, they're all right here!

Thanks for the mention to, I really appreciate it! It was great meeting you this weekend! Keep up the good work!

Nathan Murphy said...

Here's a Spanish-language post on Sonia Meza Morales's Red de Antepasados blog:

Infolass said...

I came across this one recently which I do not think you have listed

Infolass said...
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Alona Tester said...

What an amazing collection of posts you have collected.

I know this is rather belated, but if you'd like to link to my RootsTech related blog posts you can find them here:

Louis Kessler said...


Saw your (Not So) Wordless Wednesday today, so I took a look at your 2013 RootsTech compendium. I did have a post about it that you might want to add: "Thoughts on RootsTech 2013", 22 Mar 2013,