Thursday, March 14, 2013

My RootsTech 2013 Checklist

The latest RootsTech 2013 news brief is that they announced the FREE web live-streaming presentations today - see  I guessed 100% in my post of 4 March (see RootsTech 2013 - Live-Streamed Sessions (Updated)).  There was no "crystal ball" or "magic" involved, however - I just listed the Hall 1 presentations on the theory that they wouldn't move the three large camera units from place to place.

I'm trying to get ready for the RootsTech 2013 Conference, and the day before (Wednesday, 20 March) at the Family History Library.  We fly into Salt Lake City on the afternoon of the 19th, and we'll leave for San Diego on Sunday, 24 March.

To that end, here is my checklist of things to do and the status on each.

*  Find my Southwest Airlines reservation confirmation paper, and take a cell phone picture of it.  Put the paper in my RootsTech folder to take on the trip.  Status:  DONE!

*  Find my Radisson Hotel reservation confirmation paper, and do the same.  I couldn't find it in my stacks, but Radisson sent a reminder email about an hour after I couldn't find it!  Status:  DONE!

*  Find my evening event invitation emails and do the same.  Status:  DONE!

*  Find my Genea-Musings ribbons and make more business cards.  Put them in the laptop bag.  Status:  Found the ribbons, cards in work.

*  Review my genealogy database for "low hanging fruit" sources for which I don't have a document image, and determine if I can obtain the image only at the FHL.  If so, add it to the To-Do list.  Status:  In work.  The To-Do list is lengthening...over 16 pages now!

*  When the To-Do list is finished, save it as a PDF and print it out, and also add it to Dropbox and to Evernote.  The value of the printout is I can use it when the iPhone and/or tablet are powerless, and can also use the printout for notes.  LOCKSS! Of course, I can use Evernote for notes too...  Status:  Waiting for To-Do list to be finished.

*  Download the RootsMagic 2013 app with the room maps, the presentation schedule, etc.  Enable multi-platform sharing.  Status:  DONE!

*  Go through the sessions on the App and note the sessions on the Conference Schedule I want to attend.  Status:  First pass completed.  

*  Go through the list of Exhibitors on the App and make a list of "must-see" companies.  Make a list of questions for those "must-see" companies.  Add the list of questions to Dropbox and Evernote.  Status:  not started

*  Gather the electronic stuff in one place to take with me, including:

***  iPhone, including charger
***  Tablet, including charger
***  Laptop, including charger
***  3-prong Extension cord
***  Digital camera, including charger
***  Several USB drives with lots of space on them.  
***  AA and AAA batteries

Status:  not started

*  Make sure programs on laptop are up-to-date, especially Dropbox, Evernote, RootsMagic, Legacy Family Tree, etc.  Status:  in work.

*  Make sure apps on iPhone and tablet are up-to-date, especially Dropbox, Evernote, RootsMagic, Ancestry.  Status:  in work

*  Lean out deadwood on Dropbox in order to open file space - keep only latest copies of presentations, eliminate unused large files, transfer photos to desktop, etc.  Status:  in work.

*  Go to the Family History Library on Wednesday, 20 March and find as many documents on microfilm and/or books/periodicals on my To-Do list as possible.  Status: Planned.

*  After receiving the USB drive with conference syllabus, save it to the laptop, add it to Dropbox, and add specific items to Evernote (if possible) using the laptop.  Status:  Not started.

*  Get up early enough every day to eat breakfast and get to the Keynote talks.  Then set up in the Media Hub and do my Official Blogger stuff while trying to get to sessions and talk to exhibitors. Status: Planned.

*  Try to write updating blog posts every day, hopefully including pictures of people and exhibitors.   Status: Planned.

I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and I know that I've missed some things that should be on this list.  Are there any other suggestions from my readers?

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John said...

Whew! After accomplishing all that you need to have on your list (at the bottom). Relax and veg out for three solid days upon return to San Diego!! ;-)

Denise Levenick said...

Remember to take your vitamins and drink lots of water. Jamboree is less than 3 months away!

Unknown said...

Have you heard of the app "Tripit"? It is available (free for the basic version) for iPhone & iPad as well as PC. You forward all your confirmation emails to Tripit and it creates a trip for you so all of your travel documents are in one place. And you can manually add items to it as well.
Deb Brunt

Unknown said...

Great list Randy! Never thought of taking a cell phone pic of the reservation.