Friday, March 15, 2013

RootsTech 2013 Syllabus Material is Online

I was browsing through the RootsTech 2013 schedule trying to pick out which sessions I might attend, and noticed that the syllabus for almost all of the sessions are available to download.  Many are in both PDF and DOC format.

Here's how to find them:

Go to the RootsTech Home Page -- -- click on the "Schedule" link in the left-hand sidebar, and then on the "Main Schedule" link.

That will open up the "Main Schedule" page with tabs for the three days - Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Pick your day.

I scrolled down a bit and saw a presentation by Kory Meyerink that looked interesting, so I clicked on it:

There are links, in orange, for the Syllabus material.  Here is the top of the first page:

Kory has made a little guessing game out of his presentation - it's interesting.

There are about 250 individual sessions at RootsTech 2013 this year.  Nobody can go to all of them, let alone even 5% of them.

There you have the syllabus materials - download or print the individual presentations out to your heart's content!  As I recall, we received a flash drive with the syllabus material in our registration packet with the presentations organized by day and time and subject.  I'm not sure how we received the syllabus separated by days...was it download, flash drive or CDROM?  Does anyone know for sure?  Note that the syllabus materials are not available on the RootsTech 2013 app.

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UPDATED:  16 March, 5 p.m.Stated my confusion on how we received 2012 syllabus files.


Celia Lewis said...

What a gift! There are some wonderfully helpful handouts there. Thanks for reminding me of that very attractive option for those of us who can't make it to the Conference!

Margie said...

Randy, where did you learn that we would be getting a thumb drive of the syllabus in our conference bag? I would rather that than having to download each handout individually. I have read the FAQs and looked around, sent an email, but never found anything about a thumb drive except in your blog.

Susan Kitchens said...

Thumb drive. Good to know. Spent lots of extra time just before syllabus submission deadline to put extra Google Analytics Magic in my syllabus materials so I can see how many people visit my site from the syllabus.

A big experiement, hope for some good data with that. Like so many things, it took longer than I expected it to. Heh. :D

(ps: thanks for hat tip in yr post last Sunday!)

Randy Seaver said...

Hmmm, after discussions in email with Margie, I'm not sure we'll get a thumb drive. I thought I remembered that from last year, but can't find a thumb drive or a CDROM in my stuff now.

Anyone know for sure?