Thursday, March 21, 2013

RootsTech New Product Alert - Legacy Mobile

I was wandering along the Expo Hall aisle, and stopped at the Billion Graves display, and they had a second mobile App in their display called Legacy Mobile.  I don't have a website to refer you to, or an image to show you right now.  I do have a flier.

Here is part of what the flier says:

"Legacy Mobile is the new App that allows you to take your technology with you wherever you go.  Your family tree just became mobile -- with the Legacy Mobile."


"Lehacy Moble syncs with your family tree data on 'FamilySearch Family Tree' and soon with other providers as well."


"Legacy Mobile allows you to create and/or edit your family tree on your mobile device."


"Legacy Mobile lets you add pictures to your family tree from your mobile device."

The Legacy Mobile app will be available soon for download, with an anticipated release in April 2013.  It is "Tree Access Certified" with FamilySearch.  They told me that the App would be free to download on iOS and Android mobile devices.

My comments:  This will be really big news for those with information on the FamilySearch Family Tree.  Being able to add, edit, delete and merge information on the FSFT will be important.  I immediately asked "will we be able to search FamilySearch record collections from the App and add links and sources to persons in the FamilySearch Family Tree?"  That's the logical "next step" after they get the basic App functioning.  The answer I got was that they would mention it to the developers.

This is another example of a nimble, entrepreneurial company creating something useful to add to FamilySearch's capabilities.  This type of App will fit very well with the FamilySearch emphasis on Photos and Stories to draw young people to genealogy and family history.

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Unknown said...

Hmm, interesting, but when I saw the title of your blog post, my first thought was, "Cool, Legacy Family Tree has a new app." I was especially hopeful since I've never been able to configure the app that Legacy Family Tree requires for use on my Motorola Xoom tablet. Methinks there will be others confused by the naming of this new app. Thoughts?

Laila N. Christiansen said...

Agree with Doug Williams, I first thougth this was my favorite genealogy program, Legacy Family Tree for my Android!

Denise C said...

I'm with Laila, I thought it was for Legacy Family Tree :) Sounds like you are having fun at RootsTech!!

Jasia said...

Yah, I'm disappointed that this is a FamilySearch app. I was really hoping Legacy Family Tree had finally gotten with the times and released their own mobile app.

Taneya said...

This is great to hear about! As you know, I've been spending time on the FamilySearch FamilyTrees, so I look forward to seeing this. Thanks!