Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We're off to see the Genea-Wizards...at RootsTech 2013!

We have a 1:55 PM flight out of San Diego for Salt Lake City this afternoon, and will be staying at the Radisson Hotel in case anyone cares.  We'll be ready for dinner when we get there, and will probably stay in the hotel for dinner.  I hope to find some genea-peeps in the bar or lounge area after dinner to enjoy their company..

I ran down My RootsTech 2013 Checklist today and finished most of the items, and packed the laptop bag with everything.  I'm taking much less paper this time!

On Wednesday, I'm going to the Family History Library bright and early (well, when they open at 8 a.m.) to do some research.  I have my list of To-Do items to work on.  The priority this year is obtaining images of English parish register records for my Wiltshire (Richman, Rich, Marshman, Hill, Warren, Ring families) and my Somerset (Vaux, Palmer, Laver, Axe families).  I have abstracts from the records, but not images or exact wordings or page numbers in the registers.  Hopefully, that doesn't take the entire day.  I have plenty more records to find on microfilm and even some books and periodicals to find on the shelves.

Thursday is the start of the RootsTech 2013 Conference and I hope to be in the Keynote presentation at 8:30 a.m. MDT.  I hope my CVGS colleagues and my Genea-Musings readers will be tuned in to the livestreaming video at www.rootstech.org all day!  If you're looking for me in the exhibit hall, check the Media Hub where I'll probably hang out on occasion slaving over my laptop.

Blogging may be relatively light this week if I concentrate on attending sessions and wandering the exhibit hall rather than writing blog posts during the day and in the evening after the various festivities.  Then there is the issue of Internet connections at the hotel and in the conference center.  I have the usual theme posts scheduled so Genea-Musings will not be completely dark, but there might not be as much content as usual.

There will likely be NO Best of the Genea-Blogs this week due to lack of time on my part.  Just sayin'.

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LisaM said...

I'm going to RootsTech too, this will be my first time going with BillionGraves, and I'm really excited!

I would love to meet you! I'll be in the BillionGraves booth for a lot of the time. You could stop by there, or let me know where you'll be, I'd love to chat about your blog!