Monday, March 18, 2013

My 23andMe DNA Test Results - Post 3: Finding Matches and Seeing Connections

I shared my 23andMe Ancestral Composition results in  My 23andMe DNA Test Results - Post 1 (5 March 2013) and my chromosome details in My 23andMe Test Results - Post 2: Chromosome Views UPDATED! (12 March 2013).

Today, I want to show how 23andMe matches my results to other testers.  

1)  Here is the first page of my DNA Relatives list (Family & Friends > DNA Relatives) showing 25 of my 991 matches (with 5 cm segments or larger) in the List View (the other options are Map view and Surname view in upper right-hand corner):

The default list is sorted by Relationship; other options (dropdown menu is above the names) include percent shared; number of segments; contact status; first name; last name; age; maternal haplogroup; paternal haplogroup; most recent first.

The columns on the screen above are Name, estimated relationship, profile information (regions, names, mtDNA, Y DNA haplogroup), and status relative to yourself.

Some persons permit anyone to view their information (a Public Match), and a few have uploaded a Family Tree, but many have kept their information hidden.  A user can "Send a Message" to those who have a Public Tree and ask if they will share their results with the user.  For the hidden ones, a user can send an Introduction through 23andMe to determine if they want to make contact.

2)  Here is the note sent through 23andMe to one of my matches who has chosen to remain hidden:

3)  The Surname List of matches is shown below (from the DNA Relatives page):

I can click on a surname and see a list of matches that have that surname.

4)  After my autosomal DNA results were received last week, two persons contacted me asking to share my results with them.  I agreed.  They are listed on the Gene Comparison page (Family & Friends > Gene comparison):

5)  That page doesn't tell me a whole lot - I want to see the matches on the chromosomes, so I found the Family Inheritance: Advanced page (My Results > Ancestry Tools > Family Inheritance: Advanced) and added them to the "With" list as shown below:

I clicked on the "Compare" button and the chromosomes with the matches to these two persons were identified:

Obviously, I need to make more connections with persons via the 23andMe message system in order to see chromosome matching with them.

There are a lot more features to explore.  I noticed that geneablogger Diane on Nuts From the Family Tree is doing a similar "show and tell" to my posts.

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