Friday, March 22, 2013

RootsTech New Product Alert - Treelines

The winner of the RootsTech 2013 Developer Challenge is Tammy Hepps, who has developed a browser-based application called Treelines (

Tammy was about to be interviewed in this photo taken by the TreeLines booth:

The promotional material for Treelines says:

" is more than a storytelling platform -- it's a whole new approach to writing and sharing your family's history."

On the site, you can link to your existing family tree or build one as you write.  In Treelines, you can write a story about a person, or groups of people, upload your favorite family photographs and records, design your story pages, and tag the people, places, dates and sources on the page.  A story playback is accompanied by an animated Treelines graphic, which tracks names, dates and relationships in a timeline format.

This looks like a really useful program for telling stories and linking them to persons, especially if they find a way to work within a genealogy software program or an online family tree (like, say, FamilySearch Family Tree).

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Tammy Hepps said...

Thanks, Randy, for your kind words! It was great to meet you -- and even better to see my site on a blog I've been following for so long! :-)