Monday, April 8, 2013

First Look at NGS 2013 Conference App

I downloaded the NGS Conference mobile app to my iPhone today - see the announcement in NGS Conference Mobile App available! for more details.

The Dashboard of the App on my iPhone looks like this:

Note:  the Ad at the top of the screen rotates between FindMyPast and the NGS Conference logo.  The area above the ad (not shown above) tells you when new information is available and that you can sync the app by tapping the Sync icon.
There are 16 icon links on this page for:

*  Sessions:  by Day, or by Track and Level. I can choose one from each time slot by tapping the star icon

*  My Schedule:  the classes/events I choose to attend (the star items from the Sessions icon)

*  Speakers:  an alphabetical list of speakers.  Tapping on one of them reveals their topics and date/time/room.

*  Exhibitors:  An alphabetical list of exhibitors opens when I tap on the icon:

Tapping on one of the exhibits on the list reveals information about the exhibitor:

*  LVH and Local Info: provides information about the hotel, local libraries, LVH bars, dining, services, shopping, local museums and transportation.

*  Photo Gallery:  Pictures taken using the app or chosen from my photo library.

*  Maps:  Conference Center, hotel floor plan, hotel location map, exhibit hall map.

Wow...big place!  The exhibit hall is the Paradise North area.

*  Friends:  View status, schedule, and other information for people on your Friends list.  You can add Friends by clicking on the + button (where? I'm sure I'll figure it out!)

*  News:  NGS press releases about the Conference.

*  Facebook:  NGS on Facebook

*  Twitter:  Mentions of NGS on Twitter

*  App Tip Sheets: Tips for Andoid, Blackberry or iPhone/iPad.  No Windows!

*  Alerts:  Info for NGS attendees

*  Attendees:  Here is where you can add your profile, send Friend requests, etc.

Not many are on the list yet.  I added my contact information, but it hasn't shown up on the list yet (the app probably needs to be updated).

*  Downloads:  Handouts and videos will be here once they are downloaded.  I don't recall any other conference app having session handouts.  Will this one?  If so, that's a big advance.

*  NGS Website:  link to the NGS website at

Where's the list of NGS Official Bloggers?  I guess we didn't make the Top 16!  Oh well.

This mobile app looks very useful.  I'm sure that I will use the My Schedule and Downloads features extensively during the conference.

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Julie Miller, CG said...

An Official Blogger button has now been added to the NGS Conference App. Thanks for pointing it out. You spoke and we listened.