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United States Records Available on

I was curious as to what record collections from the United States are now available with my subscription.  I went to the "List of all Records" page (on the "Search Records" tab) and saw:

Here is the list of United States record collections:

Census, Land & Substitutes

1790 US Census
1800 US Census
1810 US Census 
1820 US Census 
1830 US Census 
1840 US Census 
1850 US Census 
1860 US Census 
1870 US Census 
1880 US Census 
1890 US Census
1900 US Census 
1910 US Census
1920 US Census 
1930 US Census 
1940 US Census (Free Access)

Immigration & Travel

Germans to America, 1850-1897
Irish Famine Immigrants, 1846-1851
Italians to America, 1855-1900
Japanese-Americans WWII Relocation Files
Passenger Lists Leaving UK 1890-1960
Russians to America, 1834-1897

Military Service & Conflict

American Prisoners of Korean War, 1950-1953
Korean War Casualty File
Korean War Deaths, 1950-1954
United States, World War One (WWI) Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
US Army Casualty File, 1961-1981
Vietnam War Casualties
Vietnam War Casualties Returned Alive
Vietnam War Deaths
World War II Army Enlistment Records
World War II POWs

Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death)

Kentucky Birth Records, 1911-2007
Kentucky Death Records 1911-2007
Kentucky Marriage Records 1973-1999 
Montana Deaths, 1954-2011
Ohio Death Records 
Ohio Divorce Records, 1962-2011
Ohio Marriage Records, 1970, 1973-2011 
Social Security Death Index
Texas Divorce Index 1968-2010 
Texas Marriages, 1968-2010
US Veteran's Gravesites

U.S. Newspaper Archives

The U.S. Newspaper Archives collection is from the commercial website.  It says it has 5,350 newspapers with 120 million page images.

I was curious to see if the 1880 United States Census data included a census page image, since several other sites do not (unless you have an subscription).  It does, but the system takes a really long time to search and load the page:

You can print or save the page to your computer files.  There is a record transcription available for the person searched, and with another click, a full transcription that includes other persons in the household:

Note that the person searched for is not included in the listing of the persons in the household, and that the other persons in the household have only a name, birth year, age, birth place, and relationship to the head of household listed.  

My hope is that will continue to add significant content for United States resources as time goes on.  For a company that started up last summer, they have made excellent progress in adding U.S. content.  

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