Friday, December 13, 2013

RootsTech 2014 Schedule is Available - 238 Sessions

I'm all registered, have a hotel reservation, and have airline reservations for the RootsTech 2014 Conference in Salt Lake City from Thursday, February 6 to Saturday, February 8, 2014.  There are 222 different sessions, often with more than 15 sessions in one time slot. 

I went to the RootsTech 2014 website ( today to check out the presentation and speaker schedule - it's on

There are filters on the left sidebar on the site for different tracks, including session types, skill level, day, and category.

I clicked on the Category for "Technology" and saw some of the sessions:

There are 222 sessions on the three days of the RootsTech 2014 conference:

*  Thursday - 73 sessions (4 time slots)
*  Friday - 74 sessions (4 time slots)
*  Saturday - 75 sessions (4 time slots)

There are also 16 sessions on Wednesday, 5 February, on the Innovator Summit.

Some of the other links on the web page are for:

*  Keynote Speakers -

*  Getting Started -

*  Innovator Summit -

*  Computer Labs -

*  Family Discovery Day for LDS Members -

*  Events -

*  Registration -  Current pricing is at

I was happy to note that there will be a panel discussion in the Computer Lab at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday and 1 p.m. on Friday on Google Hangouts 101a: The Panelists View by DearMYRTLE (and panelists Russ Worthington, Jenny Lanctot and Barry Kline).  The description of this Computer Lab is:

"Learn from in-person & remote JOINers (panelists) how to produce video blogs, virtual family reunions, and society board meetings using the free Google+ Hangout On Air platform. Instructions for VIEWing on the YouTube side is provided to remote audience members."

I will probably watch this in the Media Center or after I get home from the conference.

The Computer Lab sessions have to be reserved for $10 each on the Registration page.  Several of the labs are already full, but many aren't yet full.

There will be a number of live-streamed sessions from Hall E (I think) that persons around the world can watch online on the three conference days.  I will list those sessions in a later blog post.  This is a tremendous opportunity for thousands of genealogists to watch quality genealogical presentations about many technology related topics.  

I will list the presentation sessions for each day that I might attend - my past history at RootsTech is that I attend very few sessions because of the other activities going on in the Media center, where I will be an Official Blogger.

There's something for all genealogists at RootsTech 2014 - I'm looking forward to being there, seeing geneabloggers, readers and industry representatives, and learning more about this fascinating profession.

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Copyright (c) 2014, Randall J. Seaver

Disclosure:  I am an Official Blogger for RootsTech 2014, and have been given a complementary Full Registration for that service.  

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