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Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 192: Julia (White) Richmond's 1913 Death Certificate

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is Julia (White) Richmond's (1848-1913) death certificate in Putnam, Windham County, Connecticut:

I obtained this death certificate by postal mail from the Putnam, Connecticut Town Clerk's office back in the early 1990s.

Here is the transcription of the death certificate (handwritten parts underlined and italic):

State of Connecticut Bureau of Vital Statistics

Medical Certificate of Death

1. Full name of deceased:  Julliet Richmond
2. Primary cause of death:  Cancer of Breast   3. Duration:          
4. Secondary or contributory:                 5. Duration:           
Remarks: [none]

I hereby Certify that I attended the deceased in h er last illness, and that the cause of death was as above stated.
................................ Signature     F. Allowell   
Dated     Oct 2         19 13 ... Address   Putnam     

Undertaker's Certificate Personal and Statistical

1. Full name of deceased:  Julliet Richmond
2. Place of Death:  Putnam Conn.      No. 6 Church     Street       Ward  
3. Number of families in house:   Two           
4. Residence at time of death: Putnam Conn.            
5. Occupation:    Housekeeper      
6. Condition (state whether single, married, divorced or widowed)
7. If wife, or widow, give name of husband:      Thomas Richmond    
8. Date of death -- year: 1913, month:  Oct  day:    1   

9. Date of birth -- year: 1848, month:  Sept  , day:   8    
10. Age:   65  years,     months,  22   days
11. Sex: Female
12. Color: White
13. Birthplace -- Town:   East Killingly __ State or Country:   Conn.  
14. Father's name in full:   Henry White  
15. Father's birthplace: Town:  Don't Know _ State or Country:               
16. Mother's Maiden Name:   Amy Oatley  
17. Mother's birthplace -- Town:  Don't Know _ State or Country:             
18. Place of burial:   Putnam Ct    Cemetery:   Grove St.      
19. Name of informant:   Thos Richmond Address: Putnam      
20. Was body embalmed: yes  . If so name of embalmer: J.E. Rich   License No. 420

Signature of Undertaker: L. E. Smith Address: Putnam Ct.  

The source citation for this death certificate is (using the Death Certificate - Local Level source template in RootsMagic 6):

Julliet Richmond, death certificate (certificate not numbered or dated) (1913), Putnam [Conn.] Registrar of Vital Statistics, Putnam, Connecticut.

This is the only Original Source record that I have that provides Direct Evidence of Julia (White) Richmond's exact birth date, birth place and parents names all in one record.  Being a death certificate, the birth information is Secondary Information, but all of the other evidence I have (marriage record, census records, obituary, etc.) confirm the approximate date, the place and the parents names.

I didn't know that the family resided at 6 Church Street in Putnam, Connecticut at the time of her death.  The cause of death was "Cancer of the Breast."

I just realized that Julia (White) Richmond died just over 100 years ago.  I should have honored her on the 100th anniversary - but I missed seeing the alert from Geni, MyHeritage and other services that I rely upon to learn about these anniversaries (I was on the Legacy cruise at the time).

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