Friday, September 19, 2014

"Genealogy Rockstar" Poll Results

Genea-blogger John D. Reid, who writes the excellent Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections blog, ran a poll last week to determine the "Genealogy Rockstars" in a number of categories.  The vote was taken over a one-week time, and closed last weekend.

Here are links to the Top Ten "Genealogy Rockstars" in the different categories, as voted by those who identify themselves as living in the country or region, or as genetic genealogsts:

*  International Rockstar Genealogists - #1 is Judy G. Russell

*  USA Rockstar Genealogists - #1 is Judy G. Russell

*  Commonwealth Rockstar Genealogists - #1 is Janet Few

*  England/Scotland/Wales Rockstar Genealogists for 2014 -- #1 is Janet Few

*  Ireland Rockstar Genealogists - #1 is Steven C. Smyrl

*  Canada Rockstar Genealogists - #1 is Dick Eastman

* Australia/New Zealand Rockstar Genealogists - #1 is Shauna Hicks

*  DNA Rockstar Genealogists - #1 is Roberta Estes

*  Rockstar Genealogists: Gold Medalists

*  Rockstar Genealogists: Silver and Bronze Medalists

John hasn't shared, yet, how many total votes there were, or statistics for each category.

Congratulations to the medalists of the Genealogy Rockstar poll, and to all of the Top Ten in each category.  Note also that Elizabeth Shown Mills requested to be removed from the poll after it opened, and John honored that request.

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