Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Am Related to Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Too

With the PBS series about the Roosevelts being aired this week, I wondered if I was related to the two Roosevelt Presidents.

So I went to and searched for them, found their profiles, and told me that I was related to both of them.

1)  Here is the chart for my relationship to Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), 26th President of the United States:

So I am a 11th cousin three times removed to Theodore Roosevelt.

The common ancestor is William Cranfield (born Glover ) (1483-1536) of Bedfordshire in England.  I descend from William Cranfield (1530-1614) while cousin Theodore descends through his sister, Elizabeth (Glover Cranfield) Carter (1514-1570), wife of William Carter (1510-1569).

2)  Here is the chart that shows my relationship to Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), the 32nd President of the United States:

This tells me that I am a 7th cousin twice removed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The common ancestors are Joseph Church (1638-1711) and Mary Tucker (1640-1710).  I am descended through their daughter Deborah (Church (Gray) Throop (1676-1772) and FDR is descended from Joseph Church (1662-1715).

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Diane Gould Hall said...

Randy. I've been wondering too about relationships to the Roosevelt's and others. Do you have a tree on I only have a tree on Ancestry and have not yet set one up on any other site. Maybe it's time to upload a GEDCOM.

Randy Seaver said...

Diane, you can't upload a GEDCOM to any more. It creates too many duplicates that somebody has to work thorugh. You can add your families one person at a time, which is not the best way. To extend my lines back so they latch into the World Family Tree, I just loaded ancestors, not siblings of ancestors. If you add more than 250 persons, you then need a Geni subscription. So there are problems there.I have a comp subscription to Geni courtesy of MyHeritage.

A better solution might be a GEDCOM added to WikiTree, which is FREE. You will have to try to match your tree persons to persons already in the tree. The problem here is that they want to limit how many persons you add at a time so that the matching is manageable. The WikiTree universal tree is not as large as Geni's, but I think it is more accurate. It doesn't have as many medieval and royal/noble persons as Geni does.

DanCornett said...

re: "If you add more than 250 persons, you then need a Geni subscription."

That's not so. The 250 limit is for MyHeritage, not Geni!

"Basic users may add unlimited profiles, merge duplicates, view enhanced relationship paths and add up upload up to 1GB of photos, videos and documents (about 1,000 photos) for free. However, users who expect more may choose to upgrade to a Pro Subscription. See:

FYI: Many folks will hit a 'connecting point' within 4-8 generations. By merging in at a 'connecting point', then one doesn't have to enter all those existing ancestors, and can focus on adding their uniquely new information.

Randy Seaver said...

Dan is correct - I mixed up Geni with MyHeritage.

I don't know if a free subscriber can access the World Family Tree and see relationships. Can they?

Erica H. said...

Of course basic plan users can see relationships, use the relationship calculator, and build in the shared worldwide tree. It's almost 80 million profiles now, shouldn't take much to connect.

The plans are here: