Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brazil Immigration Cards on MyHeritage Record Matches

One of the real benefits of having a MyHeritage subscription is that it has worldwide record collections like the Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Immigration Cards, 1900-1965.  The description of the database is:

"Indexes and images of immigration cards issued by Brazilian consulates around the world and presented at the port of entry by foreigners visiting or immigrating to Brazil. These records are housed at the National Archives in Rio de Janeiro."

Another real benefit is that MyHeritage searches for records for persons in your MyHeritage tree and lists them by record collection.  That's how I found the two records in the Brazil database:

I clicked on the second one for James Daniel Seaver.  Here is the record summary with the record image below it (two screens):

The immigration card provides a birth name, a birth date and place, nationality, marital status, parents names, profession, residence, passport information, signature, a photograph, and the visa date.

If this was my ancestor, I would be ecstatic.  What a wonderful record.  He is a distant cousin (8th cousin twice removed), but is in my database as a Seaver person.

The other Record Match in this database is a much closer relative - a second cousin three times removed, Sadie Alida (Vaux) Hibbard) Clotworthy:

I did not know Sadie's second husband's name.  I knew her birth date, her parents names, but did not have a death date for her, because I didn't have her second husband's name.

Look at the search result here - she is in my database as Sadie Alida Vaux, married only to Cassius Hibbard, who died in 1931.  It found this person in a search because of the first name, the first married name, the birth date, and parents names.  Excellent!

Of course, I probably could have found a United States passport for them if I looked hard enough.

I've added these two documents to my RootsMagic database, with a source citation.  The source citation:

"Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Immigeration Cards, 1900-1965," indexed database with record image, MyHeritage ( : accessed 17 June 2015), Sadie Hibbard Clotworthy entry, 1949; citing original records in Brasil National Archives, Rio de Janeiro.

Now I need to find the name of her Clotworthy husband, and their marriage data for my database.  Then  I'm going to go find some more really different databases in my list of 123 Record Collections with Record Matches on MyHeritage.

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The cards are on FamilySearch also. I have used them for my sister in laws family.