Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ancestry.com Fixes Yesterday's Problem

I wrote Ancestry.com Sends Me a Hint Notice, and Now a Problem!  yesterday, and complained that the Hint did not link to a specific record summary, but to a global search result that included a link to the specific record summary.

Good news!  Overnight, Ancestry.com fixed the problem and clicking the link for a specific record takes the user to the specific record summary, like it did before last week.  

Using the same example:

1)  Here is the John Wheeler Find A Grave item in my list of Record Hints:

2)  When I clicked on the link for the Find A Grave entry for John Wheeler, the record summary for the record appeared (two screens below):

That is exactly what I am used to seeing, and minimizes the number of clicks to see the actual record.  
3)  One thing I had not seen before is the link for "Yes" or "No" for "Does the John Wheeler in this record match the person in your tree?"  Was it there before?  I don't recall.

One other thing I noticed is that there is a comment in the right-hand column about this record - user chp4242 commented: "Save yourself some time, NO specific grave location here."  Again, this feature may have been available before, but I don't recall seeing it before.

4)  Thank you, Ancestry.com, for listening and acting to fix this perceived problem.  

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